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SMS On Demand Webinars

Develop/tweak your Safety Management System and more...

Improving just 1% a week really adds up!

Safety Management Systems (SMS) aren't just for ISO certified companies!

All companies should have or, at the very least, be working toward, their very own SMS. Companies that aren’t focusing on their SMS are paying their share of the estimated $248 Billion to $1.2 Trillion dollars lost due to workplace accidents … along with putting their employee’s health and safety at risk.

In this 50 week series, we guide you step-by-step through the process and show you how to make small, consistent, and manageable improvements towards your SMS. If you just make a 1% improvement, each week, you’ll improve over 50% per year … over time that really adds up.


The 50 Weeks are broken down in the following 8 Sections:

  • Section 1: Management Leadership (7 Weeks) – Free

  • Section 2: Employee Engagement (6 Weeks)

  • Section 3: Hazard Identification, Evaluation & Control (7 Weeks)

  • Section 4: Operational Safety and Health Programs (7 Weeks)

  • Section 5: Workplace Design and Engineering Reviews (6 Weeks)

  • Section 6: Training (7 Weeks)

  • Section 7: Self Evaluation (5 Weeks)

  • Section 8: Communication & Document Control (3 Weeks)


Section 1 is Free, with FREE Zone, so get started and try out the first 7 weeks on us.

We look forward to building your SMS together!


SMS On Demand Webinars
Titles 8-50
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