Electrical Hazards (Spanish)

Course Outline



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English, Spanish

45 min

Learning Objectives

  • Explain electrical properties and list electrical hazards found in surface mines.

  • Identify components of electrical systems and explain how they must be controlled to protect workers.

  • Describe how to safely work on circuits, power cables and equipment.

  • Explain the purpose and requirements for grounding and testing.

  • Describe lockout/tagout procedures.

Lesson Description

This lesson addresses the requirements given in Part 56 Subpart K - Electricity and also includes lockout/tagout procedures. The lesson will review electrical properties, explore electrical hazards that can be found in a surface mine setting, and explain the safety systems and controls in place to protect workers. Students will learn how to safely work with electrical system components and equipment, including the procedures for locking and tagging out.

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