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English, Spanish

40 min

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the main hazards involved with storing, transporting, and using explosives.

  • Describe the blasting process and identify the main types of materials used to execute a blast, including explosives, blasting agents, and blasting caps.

  • Explain how to use magazines and other storage facilities to store explosives safely.

  • Describe the requirements for transporting explosives safely at the mine site.

  • Outline general blasting regulations, as well as more specific regulations for preparing the blast holes, using electric and non-electric initiation systems, and handling misfires.

Lesson Description

The purpose of the lesson is to provide mine contractors with an awareness of the federal regulations outlined in CFR 30, Part 56, Subpart E, Explosives and Mine Safety and Health Administration, Code of Federal Regulations, 30 CFR, Part 56, Subpart F, Drilling. The lesson is included in Part 46 & 48, New & Refresher Miner training curriculum that mining contractors must complete annually. The lesson addresses topics such as Identify the main hazards involved with using explosives, the blasting process, transporting explosives safely at the mine site, and others.

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