Fall Protection - Construction Overview

Construction Specific

Course Outline





15 min

Training Shorts

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the reasons that use of fall protection equipment and training on that use are required in the construction industry

  • Identify the requirements for equipment used in work positioning, fall restraint, and fall arrest systems

  • Identify the hazards posed by falling six feet (1.85 m) or more, with and without a personal fall arrest system

  • Identify the components of a personal fall arrest system and how they work together to arrest a fall

  • Identify the steps for properly inspecting and donning a full-body harness

  • Identify the criteria for properly attaching the connecting device to an anchorage connector, and a vertical or horizontal lifeline

Lesson Description

The purpose of this lesson is to make all employees working in the construction industry aware of the requirements for use of fall protection, work positioning, fall restraint, and fall arrest systems.

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