Hazard Communication-MSHA

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English, Spanish

20 min

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize the purpose, scope and elements of the hazard communication standard.

  • Recognize the physical and health hazards inherent with hazardous chemicals.

  • Identify the purpose of a Safety Data Sheet, and its components.

  • Identify chemicals and their hazards, through labeling and warning practices.

  • Recognize the information and training required by the Hazard Communication Standard.

Lesson Description

The goal of this lesson is for mining contractors to recognize and understand the required elements of their company's written hazard communication program, including how to identify and evaluate chemical hazards using the GHS international classification of chemical hazards, label elements, and Safety Data Sheets. This lesson does not address the use of labels, markings or other communication methods that are mine or facility-specific and not within the scope of this lesson.

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