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Business employing transportation drivers play a critical role in maintaining the safety of their workers and the traveling public. Such businesses are required to develop and implement successful DOT workplace drug and alcohol programs that include clear policies, training requirements, drug and alcohol testing, and when applicable, evaluation and treatment. Understanding the importance of transportation safety, and committing to a safety program, can go a long way toward getting your company on its way to an accident-free milestone.


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  1. Fundamentals of Hazardous Materials - Provides an overview of the hazardous materials transport process and introduces the learner to the many references used during that process.

  2. Identifying Hazardous Materials - Covers the identification of hazardous materials. 

  3. Packaging Hazardous Materials - Covers the steps for packaging a hazardous material, how to select appropriate hazardous materials packaging and how to determine and prepare required hazardous materials identifiers, including labels, markings, placards, and shipping papers.

  4. Driver and Carrier Responsibilities – Provides to individuals who are involved with the transportation of hazardous materials an awareness-level understanding of driver and carrier responsibilities to ensure safe hazardous materials transportation.

  5. Incident Response and Transport Security - Provides to individuals who are involved with the transportation of hazardous materials an awareness-level understanding of incident response and transport security.

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