Self-Rescue and Respiratory Devices

Course Outline



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English, Spanish

40 min

Learning Objectives

  • Explain when respiratory protection is necessary and its importance in protecting surface mine workers from dangerous exposures to respiratory hazards.

  • Identify the types of respiratory hazards that may be present at surface mines, describe the health risks associated with those respiratory hazards, and list the steps for assessing potential exposures.

  • Describe the types of respirators that are available as well as the advantages and limitations of each respirator type.

  • Outline the criteria for selecting the correct respirator for the situation based on the nature of the respiratory hazard, the nature of the work, and the personal characteristics of the respirator user.

  • Describe the general requirements for respirator use and maintenance, as well as the specific requirements for respirator use in life-threatening and emergency situations.

Lesson Description

The purpose of the lesson is to provide mining contractors with an awareness of how they may use respiratory devices to prevent chronic, acute, and immediately life threatening exposures to respiratory hazards.

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