Watch Week 4: What is a Leader's specific role for safety?

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Do you know what your safety role should be as a:

  • CEO, Owner, or President?

  • VP or Senior Leadership?

  • Director, Manager, or Department Head?

  • 1st line Supervisor, Foreman, or Team Lead?

  • Safety Staff Member?

  • Employee?

Find out this and more in Week 4: "What is a Leader's specific role for safety?"

Upon completion of this webinar, you should be able to:

  1. Understand a basic organizational structure,

  2. Identify key roles and responsibilities at each level of the organization,

  3. Understand the purposes of a RACI matrix, and

  4. Be able to develop a RACI matrix for your organization.

I hope that you enjoyed weeks 1-3! Now keep going...

Watch Week 4 (31 min.)

Webinar Instructor

Leslie Rex Stockel, MS CSP SMS

  • Certified Safety Professional

  • Certified Safety Management Specialist

  • 25+ years of experience in safety and health (Manufacturing, Energy, Utilities, Aviation, Insurance & Public sectors )

  • BS in Fire Protection & Safety Engineering Technology – Oklahoma State University

  • MS in Engineering and Technology Management – Oklahoma State University

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