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Compliance Plus Library Group Course License

Purchase the number of licenses you need and select them from any of the 220+ courses in the Compliance Plus Library Group. Quantity discounts are available. You’ll have 12 months to use your course licenses any way you choose.


Compliance Plus Library Group Course License

    1. Select your "Range of course licenses (For Discount)" above - A License is a seat for 1 course for 12 months. You can mix and match courses. To find your range, calculate: The Number of Students that will be taking each course (i.e. If you had 100 students for Hazcom + 10 students for Sexual Harassment for Managers + 20 students for Environmental Management Fundamentals = 130 Course Licenses. Therefore, you would select "100 to 149 "). NOTE: Don't include any "Training Shorts" courses in your above calculations... they are included for FREE.
    2. Input your "Quantity" - In the example above, you would enter " 130 ".)
    3. Select "Add to Cart"



    • Continue shopping or checkout.
    • You will be given the option to pay with credit card or choose for us to invoice you.
    • You'll be directed to enter or upload your students and the courses assigned to each after checkout. Not ready with that information at this time?... No problem, just select to have a Customer Care contact you to assist.


    NOTE: If you are uncertain if Enroll & Go is your best option, see "What plan is best for me?" below.