Drug and Alcohol-Free Workplace Overview

Course Outline




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5 min

Training Shorts

Learning Objectives

  • As a result of completing this overview, the learner will be able to identify issues created by drug and alcohol use in the workplace and gain additional information on signs and symptoms, best practices for internal reporting, and federal requirements for a Drug-Free Workplace program.

Lesson Description

Typical Warning Signs of Drug or Alcohol Problem 


  • Slow Reactions, Unsteadiness, Confusion

  • Recklessness

  • Frequent Accidents

  • Absenteeism and Tardiness

  • Unreliability

  • Declining Performance


Federal Requirements for a Drug-Free Workplace Program


Printed Statement


The federally contracted employer must publish a statement that notifies all employees regarding company policy, and that the unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensing, possession, or use of a controlled substance is prohibited in the workplace.


Drug-Free Awareness Program


The employer will sustain a drug-free awareness program to inform employees about the dangers caused by drug abuse in the workplace, policy and activities that will be used to maintain a drug-free workplace, and the types of services available like drug counseling, rehabilitation, and employee assistance programs, etc.


Copy of the Policy Statement


Each individual who is employed as a result of a government contract is required to have a copy of the company Drug-Free Workplace statement.


Condition of Employment


The federal guideline requires federally contracted employers to give each employee a written statement explaining that in order to maintain employment, employees must abide by the terms of the company program.


Notify Contracting Officer


The employer is responsible for notifying the government contracting officer within 10 calendar days after learning about an employee’s conviction.


Action Taken


The Drug-Free Workplace Act requires a specific action when there are convictions for drug abuse in the workplace.

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