Forklift 2: Inspection and Maintenance (Spanish)

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Course Outline

  • Inspection

  • Maintenance

  • Refueling

  • Recharging


  • Code of Federal Regulations, 29 CFR 1910

  • Powered Industrial Trucks eTool, Occupational Safety and Health Administration

  • Electric vs. Diesel or LPG / What Power Should I Choose for My Forklift?, Bendigo Mitchell, 2017

  • Forklift Battery Changing Station Safety, Grainger, Safety Quick Tips, September 2015

  • Forklift Trucks - Safe Handling of Propane (LPG) Fuel, Canadian Center for Occupational Health and Safety, June 7, 201

  • When Should a Forklift Have Preventive Maintenance Done?, Warehouse Distribution Knowledge IQ, May 26, 2012


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Engish, Spanish

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20 min

Mobile Ready

Learning Objectives

  • Describe how to complete pre-operation and operational forklift inspections.

  • List and describe the types of forklift maintenance.

  • Explain how to refuel a diesel or liquid petroleum gas (LPG) forklift.

  • Explain how to recharge a battery-operated forklift.

Lesson Description

This curriculum serves as the formal-instruction component of forklift operator training, and generally precedes hands-on operator training and site-specific training. The regulations for operating a forklift are outlined in 29 CFR 1910. This lesson will present basic information on how to inspect and maintain a forklift, including information on how to refuel an internal combustion engine forklift and how to recharge an electric forklift.

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