HAZWOPER - Introduction

Course Outline





7 min

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30 min

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Learning Objectives

  • Recognize HAZWOPER work zones and how work tasks in each zone require differing levels of PPE

  • Explain the various levels of HAZWOPER PPE used when working with hazardous chemicals

  • Recognize under what conditions each level of PPE should be used

  • Identify the different types of equipment in each level of PPE, and the features and capabilities of each type

  • Explain the limitations specific to each type of PPE

  • Recognize characteristics that indicate damage to PPE from chemical exposure

  • Identify how to properly use and wear varieties of HAZWOPER PPE

  • Define employee and employer responsibilities

Lesson Description

The purpose of this lesson is to refresh your knowledge of the three HAZWOPER work zones and the four levels of protection and associated types of personal protective equipment (PPE) including their uses, limitations, inspection, and care. One of the most important defenses you have when working with a hazardous substance is PPE which can shield or isolate you from waste site hazards.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the basic purpose, goals and application of OSHA's Hazardous Waste Operation and Emergency Response Standard, also known as HAZWOPER, as well as the roles and responsibilities required under it

  • Identify the purpose of site characterization, the sources of hazardous waste contaminants and their pathways, release mechanisms, and exposure routes

  • Identify the four steps/phases of the site characterization process

  • Recognize the purposes of, as well as the differences between, a Health and Safety Program and a Health and Safety Plan (HASP)

  • Recognize the key elements that make up the Health and Safety Plan (HASP)

Lesson Description

In this lesson you will be introduced to OSHA's Hazardous Waste Operation and Emergency Response Standard, also known as HAZWOPER. Because exposure to hazardous substances poses a wide range of negative health effects, your employer is responsible to protect you from anticipated hazards associated with response and recovery operations for hazardous substances. This is the first lesson of an eight-hour refresher HAZWOPER training curriculum.

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