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Spanish - Pandemics: Slowing the Spread

Learning Objectives

  • Describe the differences between an outbreak, an epidemic, and a pandemic.

  • Explain the importance of slowing the spread of a pandemic virus.

  • List methods that can help to slow down the transmission of influenza.

  • List methods to reduce exposure to influenza and the effects of exposure.

  • Describe the route of exposure for flu viruses.

  • Describe the history of the coronavirus and the most recent pandemic.

  • Identify symptoms of infection with COVID-19.

  • Describe high-risk people.

  • Describe the actions one should take if they feel sick.

Lesson Description

You will learn actions you can take to slow down the transmission of a pandemic virus, what you can do to prevent yourself from becoming infected with and transmitting cold and influenza viruses, as well as actions to take if you become infected. Specifically, you will learn about the coronavirus, symptoms of the COVID-19 strain, and what you should do if you feel sick.

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