Machine Guarding Overview

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Course Outline

  • Machine Guarding Overview


  • OSHA 29 CFR 1910.212 General Requirements for all Machines

  • OSHA Manual 3067 - Revised 1992 - Concepts and Techniques of Machine Safeguarding

  • OSHA 29 CFR 1910.217 - Mechanical Power Presses (Plus Appendices A,B,C, and D): 1910.217 (e) (2) and (f)(2)  Operator Training; 1910.217 (H) (I) A through and (ii) Operator Training; 1910.217 (e) (3) Maintenance Personnel Training; 1910.218 (a) (2) (iii) Forging Machines- Inspection and Maintenance Training

  • OSHA 29 CFR 1910.119 - Process Safety Management of Highly Hazardous Chemicals

  • OSHA 29 CRF 19110.215 - Abrasive Wheel Machinery

  • OSHA 29 CFR 1910.213 - Woodworking Machinery

  • OSHA Act Section (5)(a) General Duty clause

  • 1910.147 Control of Hazardous Energy "Lockout/Tagout"

  • OSHA 1910.211 Definitions

  • 1910 Subpart O - Machinery and Machine Guarding

  • 1910.211 - Definitions

  • 1910.212 - General requirements for all machines

  • 1910.213 - Woodworking machinery requirements

  • 1910.214 - Cooperage machinery (Reserved)

  • 1910.215 - Abrasive wheel machinery

  • 1910.216 - Mills and calenders in the rubber and plastics industries

  • 1910.217 - Mechanical power presses

  • 1910.219 Mechanical Power Transmission Devices

  • 1910.263 Bakery Equipment

  • 1910.268 Telecommunications

  • 1910.252 (2)(xiii)© Welding Cutting and Brazing - General

  • 1910.254 (a)(3) Arc Welding & Cutting

  • 1910.255 (a)(3) Resistance Welding

  • 1910.261 (h)(3)(ii) Pulp, Paper and Paperboard Mills

  • 1910.264 (d)(1)(v) Laundry Machinery

  • 1910.265 (c) (3)(x) Sawmills

  • 1910.268 (b)(2)(i) and (c)(1) thru (3) Telecommunications

  • Entire ANSI B Series (B11.1 through B24 and TR1 through TR6)

  • OSHA Publication 3170-02 R  Safeguarding Equipment and Protecting Workers from Amputations

  • OSHA Publication  2145 Machine Guarding

  • 1910 Subsection I Personal Protective Equipment

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6 min

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Learning Objectives

  • Recognize the hazards of working with mechanical equipment, including where those hazards occur and the motions and actions that cause the hazards

  • Identify safeguarding device requirements, factors that influence safeguarding methods, and the types of safeguards used to protect you from mechanical hazards

  • Recognize your responsibilities to utilize machine safeguards properly

Lesson Description

This lesson will help you recognize the hazards associated with machinery use, the methods of machine guarding, the different types of machine safeguards, and your responsibilities when working with guarded machinery.

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